ORIC Conference 2020 online


Orthodox Research Group St. John Chrysostom Third International Theological Online Conference 5-9 December 2020

Holiness, Perfection, Theosis: Understanding the “Measure of the Stature of the Fullness of Christ”

DAY 1 Saturday 5 December,  5-7 pm CET

Theological Insights into the Measure of the Fullness of Christ

Moderator: Dr Dionysios Skliris

Rev. Dr Andrew Louth Keynote Speech

Rev. Dr Alexis Torrance Human Perfection in Byzantine Theology: Attaining the Fullness of Christ (6-7 pm CET)

Vespers after the first day


DAY 2 Sunday 6 December, 2-5 pm CET

Brainstorming the Notion of Theosis

Moderators: Dr Petre Maican and Paul-Andrei Mucichescu

Dr Mihai-Iulian Grobnicu Body’s Participation in the Quest for Deification. Does it help?

Dr Dionysios Skliris Becoming Human through Becoming Divine: Theosis in the Theology of Saint Gregory of Nyssa (c. 335- c. 395) and Saint Maximus the Confessor (c. 580-662)

Dr Johannes Pulkannen Comparative Study of Deification in St Symeon, St John of the Cross and St Maximus

Christos Veskoukis Theosis According to Vladimir Lossky and Nikolai Berdyaev: Deification as Rejection or Embracement of Western Secularity

Dr Ioann Dura On Spiritual Path: Understanding Theosis through the Language of Mystical Experience. Comparative Perspective


DAY 3 Monday 7 December, 2-4 pm CET

Ecumenical Approach to Theosis

Moderator: Dr Danut Manastireanu

Prof. Ivana Noble Fr Lev Gillet: A Monk of the Eastern Church and his Kenotic Ecumenism

Dr Kateřina Bauer The Unity of Mother and Child as Metaphor of Relationship of the Unity in Diversity

Rev. Dr Christian Sonea The Mission of the Church towards Human Dignity

Slavisa Kostic Silence as a Way to Perfection. Ecumenical Vision of Deification through Contemplative Practice by Fr Martin Laird O.S.A

DAY 4 Tuesday 8 December, 2-4.30 pm CET

Moderator: Dr Viorel Coman

Human Beings as Temples of the Holy Spirit

Bishop Benedict Vesa Spiritual Life and Deification at St Isaac of Nineveh

Rev. Dr Stephen Headley The Altar of the Heart: St Gregory of Sinai

Dr Zurab Jashi The Temple within the Soul: Personal Holiness and Liturgy

Rev. Dr Anastasios (Brandon) Gallaher Spiritualities Separated at Birth or Accidentally Related?: The “Spiritual Senses” Traditions in Hesychasm and Chan and Zen Buddhism

Dr Olga Sevastyanova Interpreting Genesis 2:7 in Context of Theosis: Being or Keeping? 

DAY 5 Wednesday 9 December, 2-4 pm CET

Human Perfection and Modernity

Moderator: Dr Mihai-Iulian Grobnicu

Dr Eirini Artemi The Human Flourishing, according to Christ’s Teaching in the Beatitudes and the Perfection of a Human Being according to Eugenics. Are there Common Place between these two Paths of Human Perfection?”

Dr Petre Maican Providence and Human Perfection: Rethinking Perfection from the Perspective of Profound Intellectual Disability

Dr Emil Marginean An Orthodox Christian Approach on the Influence of Depression and Repentance on the Transformative Nature of Theosis

Guram Lursmanashvili Perfection, Theosis and Modernity in the works of Fr. Georges Florovsky

Conference Closing and Vespers


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