ORIC Conference, Paris, France 2024

ORIC Seventh International Theological Conference at St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute

in cooperation with St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute


Sacrifice as Participation in Christ

Paris, 1-5 September 2024

There is a lack of love in the modern world. The reason for this is that no love is possible without sacrifice, without placing the other (including an enemy and those who are wrong), above oneself.

This is, however, impossible in the modern world, as we are urged to promote one’s own individuality in the first place. But if so, will the love for God at all be possible?

And on a larger scale, if the Church fails to shine forth Christ’s self-sacrificial love, what message does it give to the world?

Papers exploring, but not limited to the following topics are welcome:

The Theme of Sacrifice in the Scriptures and in the Patristic Tradition

Crucifixion and Divine Glory

Eucharist: Liturgy and Communion in Orthodox communities

The Incarnate Word in our society in our days

Participation in Christ

You are welcome to submit a 300-word abstract to email: connect@orthodoxresearchgroup.com. We accept abstract submissions up until 1 May 2024.