ORIC Fourth International Theological Conference Online

God’s Revelation in the

Contemporary World

2-8 December

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Conference Programme

Please note the Programme is given in GMT (UK) time

Thursday 2 December,  2-6 pm GMT/ UK time

Opening of the Conference 

Discussant: Dr Johannes Pulkkanen

2-3 pm Archbishop Alexander Golitzin of Dallas (Theophany School)

   Keynote Speech

3-3.30 pm Prof Bogdan Bucur (Theophany School)

   Exegesis, Intertextuality, and the Transformative Gaze: Isaiah’s Vision in a Byzantine Illumination (Cod. Vatop. 760, fol. 280 v.)

3.50-4.45 pm Discussion

5 pm Vespers

Friday 3 December, 2-5 pm

Theophany in the Jewish and the Patristic Tradition

Discussant: Dr Rev Stephen Headley

2-2.20 pm Dr Rev Stephen Headley

   Sergei Ovsiannikov’s Journey to Freedom

2.30- 2.50 pm Dr Danut Vasile Jemna

   Divine Revelation in St. Irenaeus’ Theology

3-3.20 pm Bishop Benedict Vesa

   The Concept of Revelation in Isaac of Nineveh’s Writings


3.20-4.00 pm Discussion

Saturday 4 December, 2-6 pm

The Face of God Revealed

Discussant: Dr Danut Jemna

2-2.20 pm Dr Elena Narinskaya

   The Concept of Revelation in Ephrem the Syrian

2.30- 2.50 pm Dr Helena Panczova

   Gregory of Nyssa on the Two Sinai Theophanies

3-3.20 pm Prof Jeffrey J. Niehaus

   Righteousness And God’s Self‑Naming

3.30-3.50pm Edward Eldon

‘You Cannot Want What You Do Not Know.’ Bringing Gregory of Nyssa’s Teaching on Ascent down the Mountain

3.55-4.30 pm Discussion

Sunday 5 December, 2-4.30 pm

Discussant: Dr Petre Maican

2-2.20 pm Dr Eirini Artemi

   God’s Revelation in the Teaching and Life of Sophrony of Essex

2. 30- 2.50 pm Dr Emil Marginean

   Constructions of Peace in Fr Thaddeus of Vitovnica: God’s Revelation in a Pandemic World

3-3.20 pm Dr Bogdan Brinza

   Revelation and Passion in Saint Maximus the Confessor

3.30-3.50 pm Dr Nikolaos Asproulis

   The Role of Revelation in Georges Florovsky and John Zizioulas Theology and its Importance for Theological Methodology

4-4.30 pm Discussion

Monday 6 December, 2-6 pm

Discussant: Edward Eldon

2-2.20 pm Dr Ann Conway-Jones

   Moses’ Luminous Transformation in the Darkness of Unknowing: The Journey of a Biblical Motif

2. 30- 2.50 pm Dr Dmitry Biriukov

   Revelation and The Hierarchy of Beings in Gregory Palamas

3-3.20 pm Dr Olga Sevastyanova

Three Different Approaches to Sinai Theophany within Patristic Tradition

3.30-3.50 pm Dr Daniel Opperwall

   How Gregory of Nazianzus View of Theophany Might be Useful to Consider in Modern Ecclesiological Questions

Tuesday 7 December, 2-6 pm

The Relation of Truth to Theophany

Discussant: Dr Petre Maican

2-2.20 pm Dr Diana Lipton

   The View from a High Place: Mount Sinai as Gateway to the Kingdom of Heaven

2. 30- 2.50 pm Dr Dionisios Skliris

   The Performative Notion of Truth in the Post-Modern World. Possible Theological Responses

3-3.20 pm Dr Maja Kaninska

   Tradition and Traditionalism – are they Positive or Negative Concepts Today

3.30-3.50 pm Dr Slavisa Kostic

   The Revelation of God in the Thought of Richard Swinbourne

Wednesday 8 December, 2-6 pm

Theophany in the Contemporary World

Discussant: Dr Viorel Coman

2-2.20 pm Dr Petre Maican

Disability and the Ascetic of Perception

2. 30- 2.50 pm Dr Johannes Pulkkanen

St Symeon the New Theologian and Liturgical Theology: Theology as Revelation and Theology as Construct 

3-3.20 pm Guram Lursmanashvili

Some aspects of Revelation in the writings of Georges Florovsky

3.30-3.50 pm Dr Barbora Šmejdová

   From Role to Mission: Revealing God in Motherhood through the Balthasarian Reading of Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale

4-4.10 pm Rev Dr George Gibradze

   God’s Revelation according to Metropolitan Kallistos Ware


4.20-5 pm Closing Discussion

Conference Closing and Vespers